Android Marshmallow tips and tricks must try

Version 6.0 Android Marshmallow tips and tricks must try

Android Version 6.0 is having lot of additional features compare to previous versions. Here in this article I am writing some Android Marshmallow tips and tricks which are unnoticed by Marshmallow users.

Here you go…

How to Activate Developer options:

There are few new ones in Android Marshmallow. Below are the steps to enable Developer options.

Step 1 :- Setting > About Phone
Step 2 :- Tap Build Number for 7 times continuously, you will get notified “you are now a developer”
Step 3 :- You can able to see Developer options just above the About Phone.

Use : You can enable USB Debugging, OEM unlocking or Show touches, tweak animations or access some of the other tips below.

Uninstall Apps just from Home Screen:

It is easy to uninstall an app from your home screen by simply holding the Application.

Step 1 :- Long Tap the App you want to uninstall
Step 2 :- You can see the Remove or Uninstall OR App info or Uninstall on your home screen
Step 3 :- Just Drag you app to Uninstall Icon

Android Marshmallow tips and tricks

Use : You can save few seconds over uninstalling apps in older versions.

Grant Apps Permission individually:

If you don’t want certain App to have access to Media or contacts or anything you don’t really want you can
restrict that app permissions.

Step 1 :- Go to Settings > apps
Step 2 :- Tap any app you want see its Permissions
Step 3 :- Tap Permissions and play around.

Android Marshmallow tips and tricks

Use : You can able restrict third party apps to have all over system access.

Associate links Automatically:

Android Marshmallow allows you to automatically associate specific apps with specific types of links.
So if someone emails you a Twitter link, for example, you can set Twitter as the default app for opening
such links, rather than picking from a list every time.

Android Marshmallow tips and tricks

Although you could set certain apps as default apps before, the system didn’t work all that well.
Now you can associate specific domain URLs with an app of your choice. For example, all
links can be set to open either in Facebook, Tinfoil or another third-party Facebook app automatically.

Get to know for which apps you are spending more time:

Android Marshmallow more over Android plays crucial role to manage that RAM.

Step 1 :- Go to Settings
Step 2 :- Tap Memory > Memory used by apps

Tapping an entry will show you detailed info and give you the option to force stop the app if necessary.
Take some time to familiarize yourself with this part of your Android – it’s a great tool to help you
understand what RAM usage is normal and what’s out of the ordinary.

Here are few Android Marshmallow tips and tricks, will discuss soon later, Liked the article share.


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