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Hi Folks..! Today I gonna share about Free Online PDF to Excel Tool. For so many different business professionals around the world, the usage of Excel files is a regular daily activity, and with its numerous advanced operations and features, this program definitely deserves its enormous decades-long popularity.

The trouble begins when a person desires to send an Excel file to a colleague, because there is a large possibility that if the operating systems aren’t the same on both computers, the user who receives the file will not be able to view it properly, because of various formatting issues.

For this reason an Excel file is converted to PDF prior to sending, because PDFs can be viewed on every operating system and every device exactly as they were created, but once the conversion is complete it renders the file non-editable for the user who received it.

Of course, there is a solution for this problem. Specially designed software tools are created to battle this, and with their help a user is able to extract all the information from the PDF, and convert the file back to its native state.

The tool we will introduce today is a completely free service, and using it is amazingly simple. So, let’s get to it!

free online pdf to excel

PDF to Excel online conversion functions in a couple of easy steps, the first one being the selection of the file you want to extract data from.

An interesting and handy feature is that besides your hard drive, you can also upload the file from three most popular cloud storage services available, Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

free online pdf to excel

Once the file is chosen, the conversion process will automatically start, and the time needed for that operation usually lasts no longer than a minute, although it can be prolonged if the file is really large.

After it’s done, the orange “Free Download” button will appear.

free online pdf to excel

The only remaining thing to do is to save the Excel file to your hard-drive, and make changes however you intended in the first place, but couldn’t.

What differentiates this tool from other similar ones?

One of the most important features that isn’t directly connected to the conversion itself, but is in regard to user privacy, and PDF to Excel is probably the only free online PDF tool at the moment which doesn’t require any kind of personal information or registration. So, there is no need to give your email address, and won’t be any boring and spam-my messages waiting for you in your inbox.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this article, and that when the situation calls for it, you will remember that there is an online tool that will meet all your expectations and guard your back, at least when PDF and Excel files are in question. Download free online PDF to Excel Tool and work easier. Cheers!


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